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TSRI scientists find hyped new recreational drug 'flakka' is as addictive as bath salts



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The mission of the Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition is to provide support for the community in combating the epidemic caused by the use, distribution and manufacturing of methamphetamine and other controlled substances. It is our goal to offer prevention and education programs as well as links to treatment services and law enforcement agencies. The coalition consists of churches, schools, community agencies, businesses, local civic groups and non-profit organizations.

CMAC was begun as a follow through effort of the Carroll Meth Summit. The committee worked hard to produce a first rate summit and immediately recognized the need for a continued effort in our community. We hope to provide programs to deal with education, prevention, treatment and enforcement. while our primary focus is the epidemic of methamphetamine, we are ever mindful that all other drugs are still very active.

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