A Change on the Inside

May 11, 2008

"A wise man ought to realize that health is his most 
valuable possession and learn his illness by his own 
- Hippocrates 
Recently during a Sunday church service, the pastor, Rev. 
Chuck Thomas, mentioned this: ". . . a change on the 
inside." I considered the connection between the thoughts 
we have and how we create disease with our thoughts and 
feelings. In the last few months, I have witnessed a 
number of women who faced all types of sickness or disease 
and either recovered or left this earth. Many had cancer, 
and most left behind young children or teens to be cared 
for by their husbands. 
Just for your deeper understanding, I've looked in 
Webster’s Dictionary to define some words that relate to 
cancer. ”Cancer” is termed as “any group of often fatal 
diseases characterized by abnormal cellular growth and by 
malignancy.” (Some call this a tumor). “Malignant” means 
"to do great harm." The beginning of the word, “malign”, 
means “to speak slander of, defame, having an evil 
disposition toward others, tending to injure.” 
What are your thoughts towards others and yourself? 
In the holistic world of healing, naturopaths believe that 
when one refuses to forgive or let go of negative 
situations and resentments, or chooses to live in fear, one 
may face cancer and other diseases " . . . that tend to do  
great harm." Author Louise L. Hay, in her book Heal Your 
Body (New Revised Edition, p. 13), describes the probable 
metaphysical cause of cancer as: "Deep hurt. Longstanding 
resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self.  
Carrying hatreds. 'What's the use?'” Authors such as 
Louise Hay help us create new healing thought patterns with 
affirmations such as, "I lovingly forgive and release all 
of the past. . . .” 
Most women are the nurturers of their world. So often we 
don't take time to nurture our own bodies, which leaves us 
“doing great harm” to us! In my family, we have a history 
of cancer on my mother's side. My grandma Elorna Madry, 
Apache Indian/Black, was briefly married to James P. Madry. 
I knew this wonderful woman for only 5 years. My 
grandfather lied about her having an affair and took her 
children from her when their ages were four and under. In 
the early sixties, my grandma was diagnosed with colon 
cancer—without the availability of the treatment that we 
know of now. I walked into her home and smelled the rotten 
guts and vowed not to die like that! Later, after I became 
grown and learned of the tragedy that occurred in her life, 
i.e., losing her children and not being able to raise them, 
I thought, how could she live? Not being able, in 1960, to 
voice her concerns for her children and their lives, she 
developed cancer, which ate at her core being. I wonder 
where forgiveness fit into her life? What's interesting is 
that my grandma’s siblings, nieces, nephews, and other 
relatives also faced this disease that seems to do harm to 
the body, soul and spirit. My personal belief about 
Grandma Elorna is that she grieved herself to death.  
Can you relate?  
In his book "Detoxification and Healing", p.54, Dr. Sidney 
Baker says that colon cancer like my grandma's stems from 
an imbalance within the body. "The Imbalance causes the 
cancer cells to grow, causing an attack of the body cells, 
I do believe." Baker continues, "Imbalances may be 
associated with symptoms that a person or his or her 
physician may deem insignificant because they don't 
constitute a disease. However, imbalance worsens all 
illness as it progresses, even when—in the case of trauma 
or infection—the illness may begin in a person who is in a 
state of balance." 
Changes on the Inside 
"Love is a healing balm. . . . Every form of hate and envy 
and jealousy is a burning fire, a disintegrating force that 
disturbs the mind and tears down the body. But love will 
restore us when we enter the silence, affirm our oneness 
with love, and express it." (Foundations of Unity, Series 
Two, Vol. 3, p. 52). 
Do you understand that we are made in God's image? We are 
a Holy Temple or a Tabernacle of the Most High God! (1 
Kings 5-8). How clean is your inner soul's Tabernacle? Is 
it full of doubt, rage, hatred, jealously, unforgiveness or 
resentment? Believe me, my dear ones—let it all go! 
Replace it with cleansing thoughts of love, joy, happiness, 
and forgiveness. Seek peace.  
Stress, trauma or infections are the beginning of most 
long-term diseases. That's why it's so important to focus 
on the inside for changes. Our mind-set and heart also 
need to be changed in order for healing to occur. One must 
send positive messages to one’s organs, body, spirit and 
Remember that “malign” means to slander, defame; having an 
evil disposition towards others; tending to injure. Are 
those negative traits worth it in your soul? Can you let 
go of all negative thoughts and replace them daily with 
things from the Holy Spirit for a change on the inside? 
I know a young lady (whom we shall call “Sally”—not her 
real name) whose mom has a hatred against the three men she 
married. When Sally was a teen, she got pregnant and her 
mom didn't know who the father was (although Sally did).  
Her mom rushed her into an abortion— which Sally was 
against. Sally’s mom never inquired as to her thoughts and 
feelings about the abortion. Two years later, Sally was 
asked to marry and at that time, her mom asked her if her 
stepfather got her pregnant! To Mom’s surprise, Sally said 
no! He had never even looked at her like that! Later on, 
her stepfather filed for a divorce. 
Later in life, Sally’s stepfather called her to help move 
through a healing process to restore his character.  
Meanwhile, her mom had told everyone she could about 
Sally’s pregnancy and the supposed relationship with the 
stepfather. Sally faced much depression for many years, 
due to the guilt she felt about the “murder”, as she 
perceived the abortion to be. After 30 years, she found 
out that her mom had also accused the stepfather of having 
sex with another sister. That never happened either! 
So after 30 years, Sally finally addressed the issues with 
her mom. She also told her about the damage that her 
stepfather had felt, thinking that this would promote 
healing among all parties. But nothing happened to restore 
healing to their relationships—which I find sad. The 
mother, an educator and minister of God, has kept 
resentments and anger in her heart, body and soul for many 
years. (Ironically, she also has a ministry called 
“Forgiveness Works” on the radio)! At age 70, Sally’s mom 
was diagnosed with cancer.  
Environmental Causes 
Of course there are other, factors in creating disease, 
such as our environment. For example, Africa is not the 
only nation whose population is infested with human 
parasites. In our blessed nation of America, most people 
are unaware of the parasites that grow in the body.  
Symptoms are night sweats; headaches; fatigue; rashes; 
craving sugar, carbohydrates or yeasty breads and fats.  
Have you faced these symptoms? 
I've fought this situation myself and still do daily. When 
needed, I use black walnut/wormwood, garlic and other 
herbal treatments. You may learn about these remedies by 
asking at the health food store. 
So what do we do when we have become ill from our 
environment or from the emotional baggage we may have 
carried through the years? 
At twenty-six, I became ill with PMS every month, always 
sick when it was time for my period. After going to doctor 
after doctor, I sought a naturopath in 1980. In Tennessee, 
this was against the Law! After testing me, the naturopath 
said I was full of toxins. The Standard Encyclopedic 
Dictionary defines the word “toxin” as “. . . any class of 
more or less unstable poisonous compounds developed by 
animals, vegetables, and bacterial organisms and acting as 
causative agents in many diseases.” At this time in my 
life, in my late twenties, I faced a destined crossroad and 
made a choice to become pro-active and lead a healthier 
life ever after. 
Now at 52 years young, I've been juicing for over 
twenty-six years on and off. My regimen is carrots, 
celery, garlic, beets, spinach and apples daily. The 
vegetables provide anti-oxidants that protect against 
oxidation damage to our bodies. The fruits provide 
cleansing elements to remove toxins. They are all full of 
cancer-fighting elements for attacking cancer growths or 
heart disease that occur in the body. 
Detoxification Therapies 
Founder Brenda Cobb of the Living Foods Institute suggests 
several detoxification therapies. Here are a few: 
• DNA can provide a cutting-edge, five-stage process to 
help isolate and reverse inherited ancestral patterns.  
When you change the stories that are written in your genes, 
you can change your life. 
• Bach Flowers can re-balance negative emotions and the 
states of mind that build up stress and create disease.  
Bach Flowers help release old emotional issues holding you 
back or making you sick. 
• Energy Cleansing clears anger, fear, blocked energy and 
negative emotions from the cells, organs and glands, so the 
body can restore and heal itself. 
Dr. Mary Tumpkin, the current president of the Universal 
Foundation for Better Living in Chicago, has a powerful 
book entitled Before You Pray, Ask for Forgiveness. On 
p.17 the author states, "Before you can heal, you must 
bring your emotions into the light by acknowledging them, 
identifying their source, and working to release them. You 
must begin by admitting to what and how you feel. When you 
do not recognize your emotions as symptoms of a larger 
issue, you ignore the issue and allow it to stagnate.  
Anger—a reflection of despair and frustration—is 
particularly dangerous because it turns into bitterness 
when held for a long period of time. The bitterness 
indicates a blockage; the spirit of God cannot flow through 
you in that condition, no matter how hard you pray.  
Healing can't come until you release the bitterness, until 
you acknowledge it." 
Forgiveness is a choice that we make! Forgiveness is 
really a combination of denials and affirmations. It is 
giving up false beliefs for true beliefs. When we are 
angry and resentful towards others or ourselves, we feel 
the need to forgive. How do we know when we have really 
forgiven others or ourselves? This is done when we no 
longer have any mental or emotional conflict regarding the 
associated incidents. When we are proficient in the use of 
this method, it will allow us to more effectively open our 
minds to communicate with the Holy Spirit. 
For further information about healing and whole (healthy) 
living, please visit the following web sites: 
I leave you with a quote from Deepak Chopra, MD: 
"Attend to your own inner health and well being. Happiness 
radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all 
good things toward you. Allow your love to flourish in 
yourself, as well as others. Do not strain after the needs 
of life - it is sufficient to be quietly alert and 
effortless. Life is here to enjoy."